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The Importance of Tutoring

Before Corey Davis started breaking football records at Western Michigan University he was a student struggling to stay above water.

His grade point average was bad; his ACT score even worse, and it scared off every football recruiter and coach in the country.

With his future on the line, Corey Davis’s guardians brought in the best solution for the job: a tutor.

“Corey’s education was kind of put on the microwave system,” Dan Graham, Corey’s legal guardian said. “We had to heat it up fast. He was behind. He had to make up some classes and improve his ACT score quite a bit. Corey really had to be committed to making it happen. He had to put in the work to get it done.”

And with tutor Joe Gerace’s help, things changed.

This story isn’t uncommon. From any point, in any subject, under any time frame, a tutor is guaranteed to help your student better succeed. With professional one-on-one support, tutors can quickly identify the needs, pains, and priorities of your student.

A tutor forges a unique relationship with each student. “If you know the student 100%, as a person, you can teach him anything you need to teach him,” Gerace said. “I make kids laugh a lot. [Corey Davis would] laugh and laugh. He bought into everything. It was just a great feeling. If he got stuck on something, I’d say, ‘Listen, let’s go back to the beginning.’ ”

Any student can benefit from tutoring, whether struggling in one subject or to keep up overall. Tutors aren’t a last-ditch effort, they’re qualified help at any point in a student’s learning journey.

For more information on how tutors can help improve your student’s learning, contact the Learning Disabilities Clinic at (248) 545-6677 or (866) 548-1488.

Original story reported by the Detroit Free Press on December 1, 2016.

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