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Talia Dolgin, M.A.
Speech Pathologist
Talia Dolgin, M.A.
Speech Pathologist


Susan Chalom, PhD has not only achieved a BA, MA, and PhD, she has also earned a provisional secondary certificate. She has two children and enjoys ballroom dancing.

Her educational philosophy is: "Eye contact and staying calm lead to a sympathetic connection and communication. I cannot teach a student I do not care about. My students start trying to please me: 'Professor Chalom, I'm really going to make you proud of me on the next assignment.' Then the pride is transferred to the student himself: increased self-confidence, better grades, joy to learn, and enthusiasm."

Susan Chalom, PhD

Alan Bakos earned a bachelor of arts degree from Michigan State University and a master of art from Oakland University. He has a son named Jon and enjoys bicycling, hiking, exercising, and gardening.

Alan's educational philosophy is: "Everyone can learn, although not at the same pace. Good teachers instruct their students at an appropriate speed. Understanding the audience is key to effective instruction.

Alan Bakos

Yishai M. Castro has a master of arts in economics with a minor in Spanish. His wife, Joyce, is a psychotherapist and together they have a son named Jason who is a medical doctor and their daughter Arielle is a child psychotherapist. Yishai enjoys martial arts, music, and cooking.

Yishai's educational philosophy is: "Communicate in any way you can until you see that the listener understood clearly what you conveyed."

Yishai M. Castro

Beth Cooper earned her bachelor of arts in psychology and her master of science in special education as well as a K-12 teaching certificate. She has three children with her husband, Mike: twin boys named Daniel and Adam and another son named Josh. She enjoys movies and theatre.

Beth's educational philosophy is: "Be patient and make learning fun!"

Beth Cooper

Michele Gershonowicz earned both her bachelor's and master's in education from Michigan State University. She also received an autism certificate from Oakland. She is married and enjoys reading and baking.

Michele's educational philosophy is: "Always have a voice for your students."

Michele Gershonowicz

Melinda earned her bachelor of arts in communication and speech teaching, a master of science in educational leadership, and a master of arts in special education. She is certified to teach K-12 special education, K-8 self-contained special education, and K-5 elementary. She has a son and a daughter with her husband, Jack and she enjoys reading, gardening, and listening to music.

Melinda's educational philosophy is: "The true goal of education is to provide the environment and resources needed to engage students and inspire them to want to know and understand what they did not before. The teacher's task is to understand this first as he/she attempts to teach students not only 'what' to learn but how learning is best achieved.

Melinda Jackson

Laura earned a bachelor of science degree in special education/psychology and a master of science degree in special education/cognitive impairment. She has K-8 and K-12 certifications. Laura is the youngest of eight siblings and she enjoys reading and movies.

Laura's educational philosophy is: "Everyone can learn something. We just need to figure out how and to what level."

Laura Rink
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