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Clinic Connection -- Fall 2013

LDC Achieves Accreditation Status!


LDC has a proud history since 1999 of being the first and only North Central Association (NCA)/AdvancEd accredited education clinic in the United States.

More than 2800 schools in Michigan and 18 other states in the U.S. are NCA accredited. AdvanceEd is the authority for an additional 11 states in the South.

Accreditation must be reviewed every five years. It takes about a year of hard work to prepare.

Preparation requires written reports and survey responses from teachers, parents and students, in addition to examination of LDC scientific and research based learning materials and teaching interventions.

In May, 2013 the AdvancED Review Team spent three days at the Clinic and at off site LDC school programs. They observed instruction, interviewed staff, parents and students, and studied business practices and community outreach. They assessed and evaluated the clinic’s effectiveness in meeting the high standards necessary for accreditation.

LDC was approved for accreditation in July. The certificate is on the wall in the lobby. Here is some of what they said about us:

  • Individual educational plans are developed for each student.

  • The environment supports student learning and success.

  • LDC provides a unique and valuable service to the Metro Detroit area.

  • LDC advocates for students and parents.

  • Accreditation means a commitment to continuous improvement. Your suggestions help us.

Special thanks are given to parents (14) and students (20) who agreed to be interviewed. Special recognition is given to staff members who spent hours in preparation for this important achievement.

Meet Mr. Bakos

Mr. Alan Bakos has been a teacher most of his life. He earned a Master of Arts in Education at Oakland University and spent 30 years at Waterford Township Schools teaching the elementary grades. We have enjoyed his skills at LDC since 2001.

Mr. Bakos really knows the systems of Touch Math and the Wilson Learning System for language arts. He helps both children and adults with his knowledge of study skills.

His Hungarian background makes Mr. Bakos a fan of delicious Chicken Paprikash, but he sure does not like Stuffed Cabbage or beets! He loves monster movies, especially Godzilla. Laurel and Hardy and The Three Stooges make him laugh out loud, and Superman is his favorite Superhero.

Mr. Bakos has enjoyed traveling to many places in the U.S. and other countries, including England, Scotland, Spain, France, Guatemala, and Mexico. He is also a gardener, a walker, and an exerciser.

He is most proud of his son Jon Bakos, who recently earned his Ph.D. in English and Linguistics and a teaching position at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Bakos provided professional development for our LDC teachers to help everyone better understand the linguistic aspects of learning to read.

We like Mr. Alan Bakos because he is firm but kind, serious and funny. He is another reason why LDC is a great place to learn.

Spotlight On

Bill Gates & Online Learning

In a recent question and answer session with Bill Gates, Education Week’s Benjamin Herold, discussed “Teaching, Ed.Tech, and Philanthropy” with the Microsoft founder. Mr. Gates stressed that while he’s a big believer in the push for more technology in learning, it doesn’t take the place of a real face-to-face teacher who knows and cares about the student.

Gates also stated that most teachers are not receiving the personal assistance they need to use technology effectively and efficiently in their classrooms. Gates indicated that “investing in innovative solutions to these problems is the best way for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to make a positive impact.”

Gates acknowledged that today’s online learning is great for motivated students who are driven to learn things outside of school. Students are able to supplement what they’re learning in class and seek out new things. “That’s exciting, and I’m a big supporter of it,” Gates stated, “but we need tools and programs that work for every student, not just the super-motivated. “


he Michigan Department of Education with the encouragement of Governor Rick Snyder requires online learning experiences for all students. It also requires at least one computer class to earn a Michigan high school diploma.

Benjamin Herold on August 16, 2013, Education Week’s blogs > Digital Education

Q&A: Bill Gates on Teaching, Ed Tech, and Philanthropy

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