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March is Reading Month

March is Reading Month. The wonderful ways to connect to books are being especially promoted this month.

Did you know that March is the birth month of Dr. Seuss? He is probably the most celebrated and prolific children’s author of all time! Let’s make Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast or paint pictures of The Cat in the Hat.

Dr. Seuss loves to rhyme. Rhyming is a basic component of reading. Pick a three- letter word and see how many real or silly words will rhyme with it: pat the fat cat that sat on the mat!

We never tire of having someone read to us. That is why we enjoy going to plays or watching movies. Hearing a story read aloud develops listening and attention skills. Reading aloud to others builds confidence and fluency.

Stop at your local library or check out their website to learn what special events are being held this month for children and adults.

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