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Competence Brings Confidence

No matter how often parents tell children how smart they are, they won’t believe it if they receive low grades and unsatisfactory report cards. While it’s never too late to get help, your student should probably get help sooner than you think. Don’t wait for a bad report card or a note from the teacher to get your student help. Realize that to succeed, a child needs the proper tools, and if already struggling, that toolbox isn’t up to snuff. Watch for these signs:

  1. Your child is unhappy in school or having problems in general. This will be reflected inside and outside the classroom. Homework may be left unfinished or not returned to the teacher.

  2. Your child approaches homework or projects with little confidence. If your child starts an assignment with low expectations, it will be difficult for her to do her best work.

  3. Your child doesn’t understand the homework and can’t keep up with grade-level expectations. Some children struggle and need extra instruction to understand the concepts that will prepare them for the next level.

  4. Your child constantly procrastinates. This often indicates that he may be struggling with the workload. A tutor can teach your child more effective study habits and prepare him for upcoming tests and projects.

  5. Your child has a learning disability or a different learning style, such as a gifted learner. Tutoring sessions are beneficial for all children.

Parent can certainly get involved with an occasional homework assignment. However, being your child’s tutor may bring huge amounts of stress to the relationship. You have the opportunity to help your child achieve success by targeting problems early and finding the best tutor. At LDC, we believe competence brings confidence – in fact, it’s the belief on which our clinic was built. For more information on how a tutor can help your student, call (248) 545-6677.

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