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Back to School!

Getting back into the school routine is not easy. It involves planning, packing, and a lot of patience! As a mother of three, I know that September can be an exciting, but challenging, time. There is so much happening: new routines, curriculum nights, shopping for school supplies, getting lunches ready. In the midst of it all, we still want to feel connected to our families and make good use of the quality time we have to spend with them. And yet, often our efforts to start a conversation with our kids is met with one-word answers, or worse yet, silence. Is there anything more frustrating than asking your child how their day was only to be met with “fine”?


A recent blog post from Simple Simon and Company offers a solution to this problem: 25 ways to ask “so how was school today” without asking them “so how was school today?”

~Cassie Sweetnich

Education Director

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