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5 Ways to Support a Struggling Student

1. Get involved; support your student – For a student to take those first steps towards success, he

need to understand that you will be there to support them along the way. If a student feels he

has lost the support of the people he looks up to, then there’s little stopping him from giving up on


2. Be clear on expectations – Set micro and macro goals with the student, and map out how to

achieve those goals. This allows everyone involved to track progress, create attainable goals,

and celebrate the student’s successes along the way.

3. Approach the problem in different ways – Switch the delivery of information. Students who

struggle with learning out of a book might do better when the material is read to them or is studied

through pictures. Students need to learn what method of learning works for them, while also absorbing


4. Talk with teachers – A student’s teacher may have insights as to how that student struggles and

learns, and can be an important ally in the classroom. Teachers can provide extra materials and information on how to prepare for upcoming instruction.

5. One-on-one assistance – All students benefit from one-on- one learning time. Partnering a student

with a tutor provides the extra support a student needs from a trained professional. Tutors are

dedicated to their students succeeding, and will be an enormous help getting students to where

they need to be.

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