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Great Organizational Habits to Start NOW

It’s never too early to start organizing for the school year. There are simple organization solutions and

tools that can help keep schoolwork and belongings organized. Here are some tips and tricks for staying

organized all year long.

1. Get a planner that works for you. The right planner will allow you to schedule events for your academic and social life, manage assignment due dates, and create to-do lists in the same space. Also make sure the size of the planer fits your lifestyle, so that it is easy to take with you everywhere.

2. Create a scheduling system that is easy for you to maintain. Once you have a the planner, find a

way to fill it out that feels natural to you. If the system is too complicated, you’ll never use it, so start simple with to-do lists and events clearly marked, and get more creative from there.

3. Schedule work blocks. Having a consistent chunk of time to study, relax, or accomplish other recurring

tasks allows you to better manage your time. Create manageable time blocks and stick to them to better

manage your time long-terms.

4. Color-code. Not only does it look look pretty, but color-coding notebooks, folders, and other materials

also allows you to quickly identify materials. With color-coding, double checking becomes a breeze.

5. Avoid clutter. We start the school year off with absolutely no clutter, and slowly but steadily it builds up

over the year. The more you actively work against clutter, the more focused your life will become.

6. Find your study area. Designate an effective, well-lit study area. Don’t study in front of the television, or

in an area where you know you’ll be distracted. Keep the space clean and well stocked with extra pens

and pencils, paper, and other supplies.

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