Students & Parents

LDC provides a full range of services for students of any grade, age or ability level, and our one-to-one tutoring with a Master or Ph.D. level instructor demonstrates that we take personal pride in the accomplishments of our clients.
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Educators & Schools

LDC provides numerous programs to educators and schools to enrich and develop their students and compliment existing curriculum, including ACT prep and SAT prep, remediation, special services and course credit recovery.
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Doctors & Hospitals

The excellent reputation for achieving consistently successful results has earned LDC the respect of the medical community. We offer extensive diagnostic testing and evaluation and tutoring for a wide range of learning disabilities.
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Local, State & Federal Government

Ms. Master, owner and director, has been a liaison to the MDE Committee of Practitioners, an advisory group to review, before publication, any final rule or regulation pertaining to Title I, including standards development, the state assessment system, and other current issues. LDC has been working with government agencies and programs for decades including Federal Title I and Title II projects, Michigan Department of Energy and Labor & Economic Growth, Michigan Department of Human Services and Michigan Department of Education.
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How Can We Help?

  • My child does not have a learning disability, but just has some difficulty with certain subjects. Can you help?
  • I'm an adult who is going back to school, or thinking of getting my GED, and I need some tutoring. Can you help?
  • As a parent I'm concerned my learning disabled child is not getting the education they are legally entitled to receive. Can you help?
  • English is not my first language, or I may be in need of speech and language therapy. Can you help?
  • I need some assistance, but I've reviewed all of your services, and I'm not sure what you do applies to me. Can you help?